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We in the Northern Hemisphere find ourselves in the heart of the darkest time of year, the Solstice—from the Latin solstitium , when the Sun stands still. Tonight we enter the longest night, when the stars are visible across the sky for the greatest number of hours each year. At this time when the stars are longest open to our gaze, we are pleased to announce the return of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. Four issues of the journal were published from to , defining the discipline of archetypal cosmology and the theoretical foundations of the subject.

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Keiron, Rod, and Bill have decided to step back from their editorial duties to focus on other commitments, and we would like to acknowledge the great service they have given to the discipline of archetypal cosmology. Issue 5, to be published in early will feature an array of voices from the field of archetypal cosmology including Richard Tarnas, Jessica Garfield-Kabbara, Delia Shargel, and Drew Dellinger, among several others.

We encourage you to follow the website for regular articles and updates, and to join us on Facebook for further information and dialogue. It is noteworthy that this type of research is value neutral and evidence-based.

It eschews the value laden presuppositions and archaic terminology of traditional astrology with its malefic and benefic planets, afflictions, detriments, falls, sect, bounds, and so on. Instead, the goal is to employ a set of rigorous guidelines for discerning exactly how historical periods and individual biographies correlate with archetypal themes associated with planetary alignments.

What results is a richly descriptive rendition of meaning rather than sterile judgments that reduce the birthchart to an endless listing of evaluative statements, e.

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A further defining feature of archetypal cosmology is its bridging of postmodern science with ancient philosophy. Traditional wisdom depicted the Universe as a living, hierarchically structured, purposive and conscious Being immanent in the parts and processes of Nature. The hermetic doctrine of the macrocosm and the microcosm held that the Universe is an all encompassing system of similars decreasing in magnitude as the orders of life are descended—as above, so below—and united by resonant bonds of sympathy.

Each human being is a microcosm—a miniature universe—reflecting the macrocosm, the Universe as a whole. Life is thought to have arisen by blind chance and to be entirely governed by physical laws of cause and effect. In the modern worldview, matter is primary, and consciousness merely an epiphenomenon of random mutations preserved by natural selection at a certain level of fortuitous chemical complexity.

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For the past three hundred years, our culture has been shaped by the mechanistic paradigm of modern science. Again, it was largely as a consequence of this paradigm that astrology was banished from academic institutions and driven underground, its exponents discredited and its philosophy refuted. One cannot overstate the importance, therefore, of recent developments in postmodern science—e. In quantum mechanics, ultimate reality is seamless, or whole, and there is no absolute separation between events or objects in space-time.

Likewise, the anthropic cosmological principle of modern physics asserts that the constants of nature— certain dimensionless numbers analogous to Platonic Forms that govern the strength of nuclear forces and determine the size and composition of atomic elements—are so precisely arranged that the smallest variation in even one of these constants would have prevented the Universe from coming into being. The emergence of carbon based life forms capable of reflecting upon the very laws that brought them into existence would seem not to be an accident, but evidence of an ensouled, intelligent, and purposive cosmos.

All these developments and many more are leading to what David Roy Griffin has called the reenchantment of science. Implicit in the new, organismic paradigm of postmodern science are the very principles upon which astrology is based. Archetypal cosmology joins the mathematical precision of astronomy with the richly symbolic, interior world of depth psychology.

Discovering Eris (by Keiron Le Grice)

Looking in, archetypal cosmology becomes a multifaceted, psychological language that reveals the structure and dynamics of the human soul. Archetypal cosmology transcends the judgmental terminology of earlier astrological models, while honoring the core meanings of signs, planets, and aspects that have carried forward over the centuries. It empowers individuals by encouraging conscious evolution—the deliberate intention to cooperate with an evolutionary process that is inherent to life.

In contrast to the determinism and fatalism of traditional astrology, archetypal cosmology supports a co-creative, participatory relationship with the cosmos. Difficulties are perceived not as random impingements upon an innocent consciousness, but as evolutionary feedback that catalyzes and incentivizes growth toward wholeness. The multidimensionality, multivalence, and polyvalence of astrological archetypes necessitate both an epistemological humility and a methodological rigor, grounded in an appreciation for the indeterminism that makes genuine freedom possible.

Accordingly, archetypal cosmology is value-neutral, evidence-based, and reliant upon empirical studies that utilize a hermeneutic methodology for arriving at knowledge claims. Finally, archetypal cosmology helps bridge the gap between science and religion by providing evidence for an ensouled cosmos. Its philosophical foundations reside in the ancient doctrine of the macrocosm and the microcosm, which, in turn, is girded by new paradigm sciences that not only validate traditional wisdom, but flesh it out in unprecedented detail.

Embodying Astrology in an Archetypal Cosmos

Glenn Perry , Ph. For more information, visit this website. Log in Remember me. Lost your password? An Antidote to the Charge of Fatalism Another reason that astrology was banished from academic circles was its association with fatalism, which seemed to follow directly from belief in astrology as then practiced. Reconciliation with Science A further defining feature of archetypal cosmology is its bridging of postmodern science with ancient philosophy.

Summary and Conclusion Archetypal cosmology joins the mathematical precision of astronomy with the richly symbolic, interior world of depth psychology. Qualified participants may continue their studies in archetypal cosmology by applying their credits toward an M.

Glenn Perry – What Is Archetypal Cosmology? – ISAR

Perry, G. Lovejoy, A. The great chain of being. London: Harvard University Press. Smith, H. Forgotten truth: The primordial tradition.

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Barrow, J. The anthropic cosmological principle. New York: Oxford University Press. Griffin, D. Introduction: The reenchantment of science.